Since its establishment in 2010, the CMRAP, has been involved in different facets of Malaria and Phytomedicinal research as shown in chart below:

Future Research Focus

* Mosquito Menace in UPTH: Solution.

* Rivers State malaria survey: to evaluate, monitor and review the WHO T3 programme.

* Blood group and Malaria: to develop new targets for antimalarial drugs & vaccines to reduce the global malaria burden.

* Traditional Medicinal plants and Malaria: to discover new plants thatare relevant in the treatment of malaria and other related diseases.

* Plasmodium diversity and drug resistant genotype mapping: to map the molecular diversity of plasmodium and drug-resistant genotypes in the Niger Delta region.

* Gametocyte study: To study the transmission dynamics of malaria in Port Harcourt.

* Malaria Vector control and Biology: To improve vector control in the country, and the control of the breeding and infectivity of the Anopheles mosquito.

* Malaria diagnosis (Microscopy, RDT & Molecular methods)and treatment: To promote malaria case management capacity of health institutions in Rivers State.

* Research into the transmission dynamics of residual malaria.