The establishment and success of the Centre for Malaria Research and Phytomedicine [CMRAP] has largely been due to the policy changes made by some individuals and institutions over the years and these include:

  • Vice Chancellor and the Governing Council of University of Port Harcourt
    • Transformed the Malaria Research laboratory into the Centre for Malaria Research and Phytomedicine.
    • The University Authority through the Vice-Chancellor has continued to provide the desired support for the centre to excel.
  • Members CMRAP Advisory Board
  • S. J. S. Cookey, the University Philanthropist
    • Endowment of the first malaria chair, the Professor Sylvanus JS Cookey chair occupied by the pioneer Director, Professor Omotayo O Ebong
  • Management of NDDC.
    • A strongly desired policy shift to support institutional malaria research by:
      • Endowment of the NDDC malaria Chair occupied by the immediate past Centre Director, Professor Chijioke A Nwauche.
      • Funding of the Malaria House in the University of Port Harcourt.
    • College of Health Sciences
      • Has continued to provide the bedrock on which the Centre has been running i.e. the Centre is domiciled in the College of Health Sciences from where the key players are drawn.